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area and beyond. this affects all of america. >> the hike goes into affect nine days after results become official so probably in march. >> at and t promises a major upgrade saying it plans to spend billions moreover the next three years. they're trying to catch up and perhaps expand into automobile connections and home security. u.s. international trade commission declared china responsible for bringing the u.s. panel industry into the brink of collapse. this decision will trigger tariffs on chinese made panel. apple stock fell another $22 today, more than 20% off its high of $700 a share. and dc comics says it's going to pull comic book heroes for sale on line. they'll be available at the app for ask nook shop thenf"x se day as in comic bookstores.. >> just ahead financial mistake from which it took a woman years to recover. >> michael finney looks into an e >>> a santa rosa widowóu]) significant amt of money from her husband. >> the decision of what to do with the money caused her problems.. >> that is until michael finney stepped in to help. >> the circumstances of the stor
to sign up 4,000 families. the agency making a plea for don yaigs to meet demands. >> a former america's cup sailing team was devastated by the -- and lift spirits. here is the story. >> looks like a hot sauce bottle but it's supposed to be a plane. >> should go farther than a couple feet. i used to build model planes.. >> that is not stopping mario and his daughter from planning to climb aboard it tomorrow and run it full tilt off this platform, 30 feet above mccovey cove. >> we enjoy the rush. >> they're one of 3 entries if the flight day set for tomorrow. the event has been here twins before. there have been hundreds of events around the world but this will be the first to include an entry from a sailing team. >> just saying scrounge around the base. picking up odds and ends. >> this sailor was not on the $8 million cat when it crashed and broke it's wing in the bay. it's now being rebuilt here and in new zealand. and she thought it would be fun to compete. inside pier 80, falcon designed and built the craft itself. he did consult with a team usa design expert for advice. >> i wante
assistance corporation of america tours the country and counsels people with mortgage problems then connects them with lenders right there that could have a solution. >> everything to gain, nothing to lose. there is nothing like meeting face-to-face with a lender who has found a reason to say no. we're here to make sure there is a reason to sayy not to look inform tiff about games they play. i let the bank know i was aware what they're doing to me. that is when they got nicer. >> five day dream event is free of charge and runs through monday at the south hall of the convention center. >> former toxic site has been trance formed into a model neighborhood in union city. the project has been five years in the making. the station district has 800 housing units a park and playground located near a bart station. a shopping district will be added later and costs $20 million to remove toxic soil from the site. >> san francisco unveiled a park that takes up 24 acres along the southern water front. now has hiking and biking trails. the transformation when paid for with a 2008 parks bond. the grant ope
in -- hope in there. my foundation is looking to rebuild hospital as cross america. raising money to better sound systems in waiting rooms for chemo they area pay pi patients. >> it's a great cause. we all somehow have been affected by this disease. we know how it gets people down. he's going to try to get people up. we're here to support it. we'll do it as lng as we have to. >> one of the emotional locker room scenes look place in indianapolis yesterday. andrew luck had just thrown 433 yards and the side line coach appeared in the locker room. he's been out battling leukemia doctors say is now in remission. >> i'm living to see two more daughters get married sh dance at their weddings. and hoist that lombardi several times! i'm dancing at two more weddings and we'll hoist that trophy together. >> let's hope he does. >> wow. >> powerful. >> very. >> thanks larry. >> on that note that is this edition of abc 7 news. edition of abc 7 news. >> from this is "jeopardy!" introducing today's contestants -- a retired paralegal from topeka, kansas... a law student, originally from montreal, canada...
to make sure they're spending money well, not wasting it. i also think they don't want america to be known as a country that does inhumanew$zic% things to prisoners for any lengthy period of time. >> this vote signals a direction at the for front of introducing laws÷v+lz. >> all eyes on california. it started this trend. and people are really looking state goring to do with the three strikes law. >> the director of public policy safety research at the pew center says other states have started to temper jentsing laws. >> other half of the states probably are going to say maybe now it's time. >> for thousands of california inmates, prop 36 may now offer a chance at a fresh start. >> i'm glad that people of california are having a chance to take a look at this. i'm hopeful. very hopeful. >> coming up next, a man started his own university in ghana. >> tonight he's getting a bay area award. stay w >>> abc 7 news i team gained access to a meeting of the shadow government. >> a preview of an investigation you'll see only on abc 7 news tonight at 11:00. >> a group of people from across the state
from police. executive is a wanted man tonight in central america. the 67-year-old john mcafee founder of the antivirus company, is the prime suspect in a weekend murder of his next door neighbor in belize. the victim, a former california builder named gregory fall was found shot to gregory fall was found shot to death saturday night. mcafee for firing guns and  the tech blog says mcafee had been associated with some of the notorious gangsters in belize. >> police in union city are investigating what they say is a suspicious death of a man nound a trash bin yesterday. that discovery happened on 10th street. a woman took out her garbage. police identified the 21-year-old as a man who later died in a hospital. police say the can did not belong to the home, and it was found in front of, along with investigators family and friends are looking for answers. >> so many questions. >> union city police say no cause of death hz been released. >> only on abc 7 news tonight, two pedestrians struck by a car the fight of the protest in oakland last year are suing filing a suit against bart and oakl
the bank of america at 38th avenue and balboa street. police say he handed the teller a net saying he was armed and demanning money, then took off with $1700 in cash. >> san francisco expects men and women in uniform to up hold themselves with the highest respect for the law. and there are going to be serious consequences for them he faces charges of robbery and burglary. a spokesman says he will be suspended and placed on leave pending this investigation. >> details in the brutal kidnapping and assault of a solano woman and the suspect is 14 years old. police say he pulled a gun on a woman yesterday afternoon. he forced her to dreef out of the areas then called her family demanding a ransom.,fmzj >> she was assaulted, left unconscious, duct taped in a ditch. the suspect fled in her vehicle. >> police caught up with that 14-year-old where the assault took place, call afd he followed a girl inside toys are us, she turned him down for a date. the boy being charged with assault, armed robbery, car jacking and kidnapping for ransom. the 65-year-old victim is recovering in the hospital. >
,000 passengers per day. that is the oldest fleet in america, things are breaking down. now, comes a wind fall from regional metropolitan transportation commission. the supervisor wantsmh8k it invested. >> that needs to be job one for muni. >> critics don't want all of the money reserved for that. two years now, community activists and students have called on muni to offer free rides. >> this shouldn't be obstacles blocking from anything around the city. >> a 120% hike since 2009. and the once traditional school bus service has eroded. a member says she has sympathy for the kids but believes if buses aren't fixed, everybody suffers. >> this doesn't fulfill requirements. >> spending 1.6 million on a pilot program. 40,000 young people would benefit. >> so we believe the estimate to restore that ridership is important and worthy. >> the director says it doesn't have to be an either or and the head of the transit operator union agrees.. >> we have to compromise because i do agree with the pass. i do know we need more equipment. >> the mayor likes the concept of free rides but is concerned about cr
it in a quiet neighborhood. a building with yet another neighborhood just inside. a small town america except for godzilla factor. >> we've got passengers and haveunu to get them to their destination. >> they do. >> they do. all aboard the diablo83. lines. you'll find this in all creation. >> we try to make this as real as they can. >> it's a world in that guys like ted and jim among others manipulate with efficiency. a mile and a half of games track in one room, 10 trains running at once. do you know what is amaze something it all works. >> occasionally. >> it's working. what happened? >> you walked in. >> it's your fault. >> the model railroad society formed in 1948. they hopped -- opened the building in 1975, never looking back. elaborate? you've never seen such. the group has a reputation for staging shows featuring every act of nature short of a solar eclipse. >> you use dock unders. >> what you're looking at is kind of like "wizard of oz" taking us behind a curtain. beneath trains through secret passageways the public never sees. >> is this a way to build a railroad? >> yeah. yeah. >> e
of america predicted holiday spending could increase. >> that is welcome news to retailers gearing up for what could be a life or death struggle for some of them during holidays. >> david louie has more on competition for consumer spending. >> i will be put to the test this holiday season. sales at stores last quarter fell 4.3%. sales went up 10%. the shift happening throughout the retail sector, sales so over $10 billion. that is up 16% compared to last year. and online sites expected to ring up $43.5 billion, up 17% over last year. however, there is a segment of shoppers brick and mortar retailers know they can target. >> it's worth it to know what i'm getting and it doesn't make a difference. you can talk to a sales person, getting information. >> yes. yes. >> the executive director of the management institute says retailers need to find new ways to indicator to that shopper. >> those able to change to have a vision to stay ahead of the pack, it's succeeded. those that haven'tk6im really e found themselves inh5m6Ñ a difficult situation. >> the retail graveyard is filled with casu
for attention and spending but it's a struggle. abc 7 news is live on broadway in burlingame. america 23 million small businesses are important part of the economy. california leads the nation in the number of failures they're feeling a lot of pressure now because of competition from the malls and also, from the uncertainty of tax rates. this boutique owner usually has two sales people to help. not this year, she's working because she may be facing a spike in taxes in the new year. the so called fiscal cliff. about half of the small businesses pay taxes at a 35% rate. so without a tax deal, rates could spike to 42% n addition she is postponing orders for bring merchandise. >> we've had to small a bunch of stouf make sure it's going to be okay for next season. >> did that hurt you?. >> absolutely. bigger stores able to carry out the lines you know they get them earlier than we do. we follow them out so, long. >> small business owners worried whether they'll northbound business next year. this is one of them. >> you don't want to lose it all after 30 years in business. that would be a terrible thi
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11

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